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Teacher’s Training

Teacher’s Training

Who is this course for?

  • Experienced teachers of any subject and any level, those who wants to improve their teachings & adopt latest methodology
  • Those who want to become teachers
  • Those who have lost touch with English speaking because of teaching other subjects.

The course focuses on ways of helping and training teachers. The content will be practically oriented. You will examine the major differences between teachings, teacher training, investigate different ways of planning & presenting sessions & enhance your “people skills”. This course is designed to help you understand more about how students learn. The course will bring you in contact with recent thinking & approaches related to teaching. During the course you will become familiar with different learning styles & learn how to recognize them in your ownself & your students & adapt your teaching to accommodate them. The course will also help you reflect on creating a successful climate for learning which in turn, will enhance your own enjoyment of teaching.

In this course you will learn:

    • Communicating effectively
    • Building trust & confidence in your self.
    • Improving learner effectiveness
    • Using English language which improves learning potential.
    • Improving your coaching skills.
    • Effective ways of overcoming learning blocks.
    • Dealing with “difficult students”.
    • Identifying & adapting your teaching for different learning styles.
    • Raising student self-esteem

Class room management

Lesson planning

Syllabus & Test paper designing

Is this course right for me?

  • Yes, if you want to participate in a course that provides you with a wide range of new approaches to teaching and learning.
  • Yes, if you feel that “traditional” approaches need to be improved through creativity & innovation
  • Yes, if you have recently become a teacher and wish to develop your skills further.
  • Yes, if you want to experience a dynamic & wide range of learning.
  • Yes, if “learning how to learn” is an area that fascinates & excites you.

Additional Aspects:
Teachers who teach non- English subjects or subjects other than English language often find they lose touch with what is appropriate in English or with new developments in the language.
We have designed this course to revitalize your knowledge & use of English & to reinforce your confidence in using the language. Although very much a language improvement course, many of the approaches you experience in this course will benefit your own teaching style
Thus the syllabus also covers.

  • Revisiting & building up lexical & grammatical areas, especially which cause difficulty.
  • Work on English phonology including sound, stress, rhythm & intonation.
  • Studying English through authentic material.
  • Building confidence in listening to spoken English, including wide variety of accents.
  • Building fluency & confidence in spoken English.