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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

DOMINO caters the need of every individual from young to old; child to adult. DOMINO’S Summer Camp is an excellent proof of the above mentioned statement. The summer camp provides an open opportunity to all students of class II to VIII throughout Pakistan to learn with fun during Summer Vacations.
Domino Summer Camp is a splendid platform for the young learners to utilize their summer vacations in a purposeful & enjoyable manner.

We have qualified & experienced teachers those who are trained from Domino Teacher’s training program plus those who are part of reputable schools, to help & support your child to enhance his/her language skills. In this program your child will learn how to speak English fluently. We focus all four skills of language learning i.e. speaking, reading, listening & writing. There are variety of interesting Audio & Video activities for our learners through which they learn the correct pronunciations, vocabulary expansion and Sentence building. There is also a course book through which they learn variety of important grammatical structures for the clarity of confusable. later conversations are carried out on the basis of what they have learned to improve their speaking. Tests are taken at the end of each month which helps the parents as well as teachers to assess the level of student and get to know the areas on which parents & teachers both have to work on.

This assessment gives the fair idea of progress of students. Summer Camp is conducted in summer vacation during week days i.e. Mon-Fri 5days a week 2hours a day. Where your child will learn to speak fluently & confidently in English thus making the base for his future life. We believe that children’s leisure activities should be informative as well as educational. In order to pursue this goal, several study trips are also included so that your child enjoys while learning. These trips are carried out under strict vigilance of our teachers & management, where we take our students to museum trips where they learn art & history and enjoy themselves. Later, on the basis of this trip students carry out chart presentation or model presentation of the things they have visited in museum. This is done in order to improve their presentation skills & to overcome hesitations which is a very common problem of students of this age.

This field trip also includes visit to KFC or MC’DONALDS ,Where they first learn how things are made and processed in their kitchen trip which is later accompanied by eating & enjoying with their friends at the same restaurant.

After such a successful & refreshing way of learning, we do not stop here because if language is not practiced, soon it would be forgotten. So we have organized Junior English program as a continuation of summer camp program. It is only on weekends i.e. sat & sun, 3 hrs a day. Students who have availed our excellent range of course can continue learning with us. In this program where we further enhance their skills in all 4 areas i.e. reading, writing, listening & speaking.

Teaching and topics

The academic content of these programs is just as carefully structured as that of our intensive English courses for older students. The teaching concentrates on speaking and listening and, in this way, builds on the English you may have already studied in your home country.

You will be tested on your first day and placed at the appropriate level, from beginner to advanced. Your classes will be dynamic, interactive, appropriate for your age and effective. You will be in a class of no more than 16 students and will be taught by a team of two teachers.
Come join us, take first step for the betterment of your child & we’ll help taking others for you with best professional care possible.


  • Vocabulary expansion
  • Sentence building
  • Pronunciation enhancement
  • Emphasis on right diction
  • Clarity of confusions
  • Audio & visual
  • Grammar
  • Transport is available.

Course duration:   5 days a week, 2 hours a day
NOTE: These programs are carried out in all campuses of Domino.