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Domino is proudly introducing Corporate Business
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Learn the exam skills you need to meet and surpass your required score. You will learn how to effectively answer questions so by the time you take the test, you will know the style of questions to expect and how to answer them.



Meet new people and practice your communication skills andyou will learn how this interactive
sharing is causing you developingyour abilities and understanding



For those who leave domino but for whom Domino never
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Choose from our wide range of English language courses, and let our friendly and professional teachers guide you to fluency. On your course you will meet different students and have experiences you will never forget.

DOMINO a familiar and reputable name in the field of English language. It enjoy a well defined position in the market due to its commitment and diversity DOMINO has been working as a language institute and study abroad consultant from last 20 years. During this time period it has not become a trusted home for the students who have studied and went abroad for higher studies but also made itself accessible to most of the students by commencing 10 campuses of English language at the most convenient location in different cities such as Karachi, Hyderabad, Lahore and Rawalpindi.

After a huge brilliant success of language institute DOMINO proudly has initiated a new division of "Study Abroad Services" for providing abroad consultancy, where we are provide abroad consultancy through our offices across Pakistan.

DOMINO educational services, is one of its kind and provides the best guidance for all your international educational needs. Its core activity lies in assisting students to make the right choice in regards to pursuing overseas education and career. DOMINO provides information regarding higher education in various countries, such as U.K , Australia , New Zealand , Canada , Malaysia , Cyprus , Switzerland and Ireland and has a command over the education system worldwide. The mission of Domino is to provide complete support and comprehensive career development to students who are seeking an opportunity of studying abroad . Working towards these goals DOMINO is committed to provide an efficient academic guidance , students insurance , accommodation facility and dedicated to meet the needs of students in a sensitive , caring and professional manner .

DOMINO is a solution-oriented with a single mind approach in tailoring career paths to suit individual profiles within the parameters that may prevail in each case . The parameters may be educational , financial or personal.

Our trained staff provides personal assistance through counseling and information seminars and are always available to give guidance to students. Our specialist consultants each with their own areas or extensive personal guidance on any aspect of education for all parts of the world . We also offer a dedicated career Assessment and Guidance services which help students to identify career choices suited to their aptitudes and appropriate education or training required.

Educational Exhibition , information workshops, skill development and F.M radio support are some very eminent features of DOMINO Educational Services , through which students can easily acquire the information latest updates of changing policies of studying abroad . Students newsletter caters all the basics and bases of a student hard work

By choosing just one above mentioned option could take you to the world of diversity and diversified learning. Whether it be Pakistan or abroad "DOMINO" is the name to trust and rely on.

Choosing a major is an important decision, one that should not be hurried. The time that you give to the PROCESS of making this decision will be well spent. The steps you take in preparing to choose a college major will be similar to the steps you take in making your first adult career choice. You are laying the foundation for establishing the initial directions of your young adult life.

A quick and ill-thought-out major decision may only lead to frustration if you choose something and then discover that it bores you or that you don't have the necessary skills. For example, if you are thinking of majoring in economics because you heard it would be a good background for an MBA degree, but you've done average or less than average work in mathematics courses in high school and/or college, you may need to ask yourself if economics is a realistic choice. Pre-mature decisions lead to loss of time if you go through too many major choices. Pre-mature major decisions can also lead to loss of money due to the extra cost of extra time in college as well as the loss of income while still in college for the extra time.

In order to make a major decision, you need three things: time, information, and commitment. Time, to consider all the options, to think about implications of your decision, time to do the work necessary to make a decision. Information, so your decision is based on up-to-date statistics, data, knowledge, and advice. Commitment, to follow through and to make a decision!

Before You Choose a Major: Five Questions to Ask Yourself

What are my interests and what intrigues me?

  • What are the kinds of activities that you enjoy participating in, reading, studying, or talking about, or watching on TV.
  • What hobbies do you actively pursue? Do you enjoy group activities, or do you prefer working alone?
  • Do you enjoy outdoor activities or being indoors?
  • What courses did you enjoy most in high school?
  • What courses have you enjoyed most at Gustavus?
  • When you fantasize about a career, what do you think you would enjoy doing or being?
  • What kinds of activities are you not interested in, and why?
  • Would you be interested in the work required in a particular major?

What are my values?

  • Are your decisions and choices influenced by certain religious or philosophical beliefs and teachings?
  • Do you consider service to others to be an important part of your personal philosophy?
  • Is a broad undergraduate education more important to you than a more narrowly-focused program, or is the opposite true?
  • Do you value financial security above all else?
  • What practices do you consider ethical or unethical?
  • What place does a family have in your future?
  • Will your values fit with a potential major or career field?

What are my motivations?

  • Do your strongest motivations come from your interests, your abilities, your values, or from some other factors?
  • Are outside pressures (from family, peers, or the job market) shaping and influencing your decisions?
  • Are you thinking about choosing a major because you believe it will be easy?
  • Is your primary motivation based on the amount of money you think you can earn in a given field rather than interest in the field itself?
  • Would your motivation be strong enough to allow you to succeed in a major even if other factors seemed to direct you away from that major?
  • Who will ultimately have to live with the consequences of this decision—you or other people?

What are my abilities (and capabilities--do I think I can learn what is necessary to be successful in a particular area)?

  • Be objective and ask yourself how your college entrance exam scores and high school grades compare to those of other students.
  • What are the projections for your success in certain academic areas?
  • Was poor performance in a particular area in the past based primarily on lack of aptitude or lack of effort? If lack of effort, will you have time, money and motivation to make up in college any basic skills you did not acquire in high school?
  • How have others judged your performance in the past?
  • Have you won scholastic honors, or awards for excellence in art, music, sports, or other performance areas?
  • What are your talents--helping other people, working with numbers, influencing others, solving problems, using your hands, organizing, and public speaking?
  • Do you have the ability to handle the work required in a particular major?

What are the realities?

  • Will you be able to meet entrance-to-major requirements on time, particularly in departments which are more restrictive (nursing, sciences, etc.)?
  • Does Gustavus offer the major(s) that you are considering, or would you have to transfer to another school?
  • How much education can you afford to finance, particularly for careers which require graduate education such as a college professor?
  • Do your interests, abilities, values, and motivations conflict with each other, or are they in agreement?
  • How much extra time will it take to graduate if you have already completed a significant number of credits that cannot be applied to a major?
  • If you completed the majority of requirements for a major, would it make more sense to finish the major you have already started and pick up courses or a minor in an area you are more interested in exploring?

You may be very interested in a major, but find that you don't have the skills to handle the academic demands of the required courses. Conversely, you may have abilities in a particular area but do not have any real interest in studying in that area. Sometimes, you may have both interests and abilities in an area but find that the realities of the job market are such that you are not willing to risk an investment of time and money on potentially bleak employment chances.

Choosing a major is in part based on the answers to these questions of interest, abilities, values, motivations and realities. Answering these questions will help you determine whether a major will be a good fit for you. It is unwise to attempt to choose a major by connecting it specifically with a career without self-assessment, without knowledge of the world of work, without knowledge of what is required by the major department, and without good decision-making skills.

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