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Learning English after the school stage is a very difficult task, especially in Karachi where there is a lack of good English language learning centres. But thanks to DOMINO, I have resolved this problem. Now I am able to speak & write English fluently. Also, I have gained confidence through class participation activities such as debating competitions. I must say the staff & administration of DOMINO are doing an excellent job by teaching English with the aid of the latest equipment in an excellent environment..


 I joined DOMINO a month ago. I am really enjoying my classes and feel that I am gaining confidence and progressing everyday. There is a very good atmosphere at DOMINO. The teachers are very helpful and co-operative and the students are friendly. I am looking forward to studying here for the next two months.


I wanted to get an internationally recognised qualification, so I chose DOMINO Educational Services to help me make the correct choice. They gave me all the information and guidance that I needed and now I am here at Skerry’s College in Ireland studying an MBA. I found the consultants at DOMINO to be very professional and courteous and I would recommend DOMINO Educational Services to anyone who wants to study abroad.


DOMINO English Learning Centre is one of the best centres in Pakistan. When I took admission in DOMINO, I could not understand any English at all. Now after completing my 3 months course I am able to speak English very confidently and I know the correct pronunciation which was my biggest problem in the past. The way of teaching here is wonderful. Now I am working in a multinational company as a public relations officer. I will always be thankful to DOMINO for giving me this opportunity.


DOMINO is well beyond my expectations. It is an excellent institute that follows modern teaching methods. The staff and teachers gave me the warmest welcome when I first arrived here. I found a real educational environment here. The best thing about learning here is that it covers all the aspects of English such as grammar, listening and speaking with the correct pronunciation. The thing I like most about the institute is the 3 hours a day of class which cannot be found in any other school.

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