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Junior English

Junior English

Junior English is the continuation of Summer Camp program. After successful completion of summer camp students are unable to continue practicing their language skills due to their schools and other things in which they are busy, so it is not possible for them to emphasize more on speaking thus whatever they have learned is pushed back in their memories.

For that purpose we have “Junior English” program. This is only for weekends i.e. Sat-Sun for 3 hours. This is the extension of summer camp program in which students will have grammar, conversation & audio-visual classes. There are separate books and splendid course material to help them enhance their language. This course has its more focus on lexical resource, sentence building & emphasis on right diction. Like summer camp we have an excellent range of audio visual classes in which emphasis is given on right pronunciation of words, listening to conversation and understanding key points, listening for useful words & expressions.

Apart from speaking & listening there are reading as well as writing activities. To help them overcome the basic problems like losing interest or feeling lost at the time of reading and writing.

In short, the focus of this program is to develop all four language skills and to learn the language that is spoken in daily life.
Language  benefits  for kids and teens

  • It encourages intellectual development
  • It boosts their confidence.
  • It aids understanding English language
  • It provides a sound basis for language learning at school
  • It improves opportunities in many fields later.
  • It improves their vocabulary.
  • It grooms your child to meet the challenges
  • It brings their latent skills into light.

Course duration: 1 month intensive program will be conducted at weekends only for school going pupil.